The Details of the Lawsuit Against Comcast

comcast lawsuit

The news of a lawsuit against Comcast hasn’t come as surprise to many. We’d known cable company customer service was terrible for decades even before John Oliver told us about it in one of his famous expose pieces. When 24/7 Wall Street published their report of customer service satisfaction across 15 different industries, Comcast came in dead last for seven consecutive years, confirming what most of us already knew. It’s what happens when you have a virtual monopoly on a product everybody wants.

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New York’s New Payroll Law Ensures Employee Wages Aren’t Subjected to Hidden Fees


Why does it cost so much to access your money at an ATM? The short answer: because you don’t have another option. ATMs are everywhere – NerdWallet reported about 175,000 bank and credit union ATMs nationwide – because they’re functional. Between credit cards, debit cards, and apps like PayPal and Venmo, it’s easy to get by without cash these days. But when you do need to get cash (good luck tipping a bartender with Venmo), the ATM fees will get you.

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How to Cancel a Free Trial After it’s Over


If it seems like it’s impossible to cancel a free trial, you’re not imagining things. Whether it’s Netflix, UFC tv, Amazon Prime or one of the many subscription services out there, free trials are popular for a reason…and we don’t mean popular with the people who use them. They’re popular with the people who sell the service because they so quickly turn into recurring fees people sometimes don’t even notice. The model works like this:

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The easiest way to manage your paid subscriptions