Fix Your Finances in 30 Minutes With These 38 Tips

fix your finances

You may think it sounds daunting to fix your finances, but with technology constantly finding new ways to make these processes simpler, gone are the days of stacks of paperwork, hours spent on the phone with the bank, and tracking down receipts. The editors of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance put together an exhaustive list of 38 ways to improve your finances quickly, and easily.

Our Five Favorite Ways to Fix Your Finances:

  1. Run a credit check with Credit Karma – it’s free, and can help you identify areas that need to be cleaned up, or incorrect entries that need to be removed.
  2. Turn those unused gift cards into cashGift Card Granny allows you sell the card to a partner site, or list it for sale at a price of your choosing, with a small fee going to the listing site. Once purchased, you can receive payment via check, or a credit to your PayPal or bank account.
  3. Manage your receipts digitally – they have a tendency to float around handbags, backpacks, the car, your mail stack, and just about everywhere else. Receipts by Wave is an app that allows you to photograph and upload your receipts. From their you can categorize them so that you’ll always be able to find them easily.  And it’s free!
  4. Get more out of online shoppingThe Honey app finds, and automatically applies, coupon codes for you when you’re checking out of your favorite online store. Not only that, if the store has multiple offers, Honey will check them all and apply the one that saves you the most money. Now that’s priceless.
  5. Make sure you’re not leaking money – if you haven’t yet signed up for Truebill, now is the time! Our tool links with your bank, credit card or PayPal account to scan your monthly statements and track any paid subscriptions. We’ll report the subscriptions we find back to you, and if there are any you no longer want, use our one-click cancel­lation feature – it’s that simple. We’ll also send you monthly reports letting you know if any of your rates went up, or extra fees are detected.

These quick financial fixes require little work on your part, and will allow you to breathe a little easier. Be a financial over-achiever by heading over to Kiplinger to see the full list.

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