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Reintroducing Ourselves as


Today’s an exciting day for us – we’ve changed our name to to reflect our new mission. When we came up with BillNinja, we thought we’d help people “slash” their bills from subscriptions and recurring payments. As we built the platform and spoke more to our users we discovered a larger need – 1 platform to manage all subscriptions and bills. Basically, 1 place to see your True Bill.

We’re excited about all the the functionality we’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks and are thrilled that so many people have used our service to find, track and cancel their subscriptions.

Let us know what you think of our new logo, and make sure to tell us any features you’d like to see added to the platform.

Truebill Team

13 Subscription Gifts That Can Simplify Your Holiday Shopping

We’ve all had those moments of drawing a complete blank about what to give someone as a gift for the holidays. You know that person that doesn’t need anything or returns every present, or just someone you don’t know all that well on a personal level but feel obligated to give a gift to anyway (probably your boss).  Instead of stressing about crafting the perfect gift, just hand that task off to a third party: a subscription based company.

Don’t worry, it’s not as impersonal as it sounds. Instead, you could get a personalized gift that keeps on giving after December. Subscription gifts bring the joy of receiving something in the mail coupled with new items to taste, use or play with. Plus, it’s not too hard to figure out at least one area of interest for those hard-to-buy-for people. And luckily for you, there’s a subscription for just about everything! put together a list of 13 perfect subscription gift options for people on your holiday list.

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Netflix and Chill? Hulu and Hangout? BillNinja Helps You Plan Your Lazy Sunday

It’s a tequila-soaked Saturday. A snowed-in Thursday. A lazy afternoon with a girlfriend or boyfriend or the Thanksgiving aftermath when your family bids the guests goodbye and relaxes in front of the TV. The list goes on, and on. It is unlikely that online film/TV providers will die out anytime soon when there is a seemingly endless number of situations for their product. Their popularity has soared so meteorically that some of their original programming rivals cable TV, and expressions like “Netflix and chill” become social media sensations.

You can’t go more than a few clicks before seeing an ad for an online film/TV provider and let’s be honest, while we won’t ever be truly satisfied with their roster of content such a service is simply great to have. But which is best? Below is a humble ranking put together by the team at, based on pricing, library and ease of use.

Keep in mind this list concerns providers who offer a wide range of content outside their own programming, so HBO Go doesn’t count. If you do have HBO Go, I’m free on most Sundays and I always bring snacks.

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Thanks for checking out! We’re excited about our mission to build a platform to track and manage all subscription services and recurring bills from 1 place – we hope you find BillNinja useful!

Where did BillNinja come from?

BillNinja started with a pain-point that all of us have probably felt at one point or another – an unknown charge of $39.99 on my credit card. After looking into it a little bit deeper I realized that I’d been being charged $39.99 for 14 months! A total of $559.86! Luckily my credit card company was kind enough to refund the charges, but it got me thinking – there needs to be 1 place to find, track and manage all subscription services.

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