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How to Cancel Recurring Campaign Contributions

how to cancel recurring political campaign contributions

We spend a lot of time on this blog looking at the hidden, recurring, often small enough to be missed, charges that come out of our accounts each month. With election season just ending, many of our readers are wondering how to shut off recurring campaign contributions. Some of them are still wondering after looking up how to do it.

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How to Set Your Kids Up For Financial Success

set kids up financial success

The year was 1994. I had a bowl cut, and I had just turned 10. I got an allowance every week for doing chores, and every week, I spent the whole thing on candy. No one would blame a 10-year-old for such candy-related financial recklessness, but my spend-first approach didn’t stop with candy. By the time I recognized it as a problem, I –like many of my Millennial peers– was saddled with massive debt in a depressed economy.

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Our ProductHunt Launch

Thanks for all your support! Yesterday we unrolled our new site design and officially launched on Thanks to your overwhelming support, we finished Product Hunt in the top spot!

If you haven’t heard of Product Hunt, don’t worry – it’s kind of a niche tech industry thing. But it’s a huge validation of all the hard work we’ve been putting in and we love hearing the positive comments from users.

Thanks again for using Truebill and we’re excited to roll out new features in the near future.


Five Creative Ways to Save Money in the New Year

Being frugal gets a bad rap these days, and while clutching one’s money like a paranoid miser is certainly off-putting it couldn’t hurt for any of us to be a little more careful with our finances in 2016. New Year’s resolutions are inevitable after all, and while you’re dusting off your Stairmaster or reconnecting with acquaintances from your trip to Denmark, now is also the perfect time to start saving your money.

The simple fact is, when it comes to personal finance advise like, “ask yourself, do I really need that?” usually fails, so I would like to share some more creative and effective ways to hold on to one’s dough in 2016.

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