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This Subreddit is Here to Help You Cancel the Cable Bill for Good

Cancel the Cable Bill

One of the biggest trends in personal finance is the rise of those who are seeking to cancel the cable bill and become “cordcutters” – a TV viewer who saves money by “cutting the cord” on cable TV. Online streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have made it easier for people to see their favorite shows and movies without a cable TV or satellite subscription, but there are more nuances to becoming a cordcutter than just canceling cable. Many have concerns about finally making the commitment to cut the cord, such as how to access live sports broadcasts, or what kind of technical savvy is needed, that prevent them from taking the leap.

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The Full Policies for Stores that Price Match Amazon

stores that price match amazon

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday closing in on us quickly, everyone is getting ready to do some serious holiday shopping. While the convenience of online shopping is fueling what is expected to be a record-breaking Cyber Monday this year, there are many who still love going to stores in-person.

Whether you need a gift for a loved one, or need some items to get your house holiday-ready, here are the specific policies for the stores that price match, in alphabetical order, as they do vary:

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6 Essential Personal Finance Experts You Should Be Following Already

6 Personal Finance Bloggers You Should Be Following

One of the best ways to improve your personal finances is to educate yourself by reading some personal finance bloggers. Financial education and financial literacy, for many people, are best accomplished with a spirit of “do it yourself;” there are lots of aspects of basic financial literacy and financial planning strategies that no one ever learns in school. Fortunately, there are many excellent personal finance bloggers who are sharing their expertise and insights online, 24/7.

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5 Ways to Beat Personal Financial Procrastination

personal finances and procrastination

What do Netflix’s amazing new show Westworld, drinks with friends, and rock climbing in Yosemite all have in common? They’re all activities I enjoy while procrastinating on the steps necessary to get on top of my financial goals! Financial procrastination isn’t uncommon and, like other common goals many have – such as get in shape or be more organized – it’s about understanding the approach that works best with your habits and lifestyle.

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Must-Follow Advice from 13 Brilliant Personal Finance Experts [List]

Must-follow advice from 13 brilliant personal finance experts

Even if you think you have your personal finances under control, there is always a finance expert who comes along with a piece of advice that you never considered, or with a new way to look at your finances that can better help you move towards your goals, or away from bad habits. Here is a roundup of advice from some of our favorite financial experts and personal finance blogs to help you get more out of your money and your life:

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