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How to Organize Receipts: 10 Tips to Simplify for Tax Time

How to Organize Receipts

Whenever the new year comes around, a little alarm bell goes off in the back of our heads: taxes are coming! The best part of taxes is making deductions, so it’s time to break out those receipts. Receipts are always troublesome to manage (taxing, if you will), so here’s a quick review of the basics, and some low- and high-tech recommendations, to help you organize receipts like a pro.

Before we get started, keep in mind that you only need to keep receipts if you’re going to itemize deductions. The majority of households – 68.5% of returns in 2013 – opt for the standard deductions of $6,300 for individuals and $12,600 for married couples filing jointly. If your deductible expenses for the year fall below those sums, don’t bother with receipts. But every penny your deductible expenses climb above those marks is money you’re walking away from.

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6 Gifts to Teach Kids About Saving and Investing

Teach Kids About Saving

Whether it’s during the holiday season or for a birthday present, or any time of year, it’s always a good time to give gifts that teach kids about saving and investing. Fortunately there are a variety of great books, toys and tools available to help kids learn about how to smartly manage their money – from the Berenstain Bears to cute “piggy banks” to more complex educational resources about investing money.

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The Disadvantages of Automatic Bill Pay Made Me Stop Using It

disadvantages of automatic bill pay

What’s your least favorite part of paying bills? Is it watching your checking account diminish? Or is it the headache of managing so many different accounts, each with its own due date and payment system? Having your bills automatically paid each month does seem like a perfect fix, but what are the disadvantages of automatic bill pay?

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All About Transition Budgeting and How it Will Finally Fix Your Finances


Whether we’re talking about hitting the gym, calling mom more often, or reining in our budgets, resolutions are gleaming, beguiling peaks that few ever climb. The thing is, there’s something lurking under our resolutions; often unacknowledged, it resists change, anchoring us to our old habits. Maybe you’re too tired when it comes time to leave for the gym and you promise yourself you’ll go tomorrow. Maybe a Netflix show is starting just as your reminder to call mom chimes. You know how it goes. Fortunately, if your resolution is to reshape and master your budget, you’ve got a new best friend that takes into account the human inclination to resist change; transition budgeting.

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