6 Essential Personal Finance Experts You Should Be Following Already

6 Personal Finance Bloggers You Should Be Following

One of the best ways to improve your personal finances is to educate yourself by reading some personal finance bloggers. Financial education and financial literacy, for many people, are best accomplished with a spirit of “do it yourself;” there are lots of aspects of basic financial literacy and financial planning strategies that no one ever learns in school. Fortunately, there are many excellent personal finance bloggers who are sharing their expertise and insights online, 24/7.

If you follow these personal finance bloggers, you’ll be better informed with savings strategies, money management tips, and other great ideas to help you get out of debt, keep more of your money, and improve your overall financial stability. Whatever your financial goals or personal financial management style, you can find personal finance bloggers on this list who can help you get smarter about money.

Here are some of our picks for top personal finance bloggers that you should start following today:

Ask The Money Coach

Lynette Khalfani-Cox blogs about personal finance at AskTheMoneyCoach.com, where she provides informative and insightful financial advice related to topics such as credit counseling, financial coaching, finding the best credit cards, insurance, loans, paying for college, budgeting, understanding your credit score, managing the challenges of couples finance, and more.

Money Crashers

Money Crashers is a comprehensive personal finance blog with lots of great articles and videos on educational personal finance topics such as how to become a billionaire, how to decide whether it’s worth going back to school for a graduate degree, how to get green energy tax credits for making improvements to your home, how to save money by living without a car, and more. Money Crashers also has detailed, informative reviews of various credit cards and other financial products to help you get the best deal and find the right products that suit your needs.

Frugal Rules

Frugal Rules is a personal finance blog run by a former stockbroker who has created an educational, inspiring online community where people learn how to make smarter financial decisions that lead to a life of financial freedom. Frugal Rules focuses on a few key topics: Attacking Debt, Investing, Frugality, Financial Products and Tools, Financial Literacy and more. This blog is based on foundational financial principles that can help people live within their means, avoid debt, and use money as a powerful tool to help you accomplish your most important goals and provide for your loved ones, while living a life that is free from financial burdens.

DINKs Finance

DINKs Finance is a blog that is dedicated to the financial challenges and money management goals of “Double Income No Kids” (DINKs) couples. If you’re in a marriage or serious relationship and you have no kids, the topics on this blog might be particularly helpful and relevant to your personal finances and overall money management perspective. Or even if you aren’t part of a couple or do already have kids, there is still a lot of smart money management advice on this blog that can be useful to people at all stages of life. Topics include how to use credit cards, how to buy real estate, how to deal with questions related to couples’ finance, and more.

Mary Hunt, Everyday Cheapskate and Debt-Proof Living

One of the most important aspects of personal finance is to live within your means by saving money on everyday items. Mary Hunt is a personal finance blogger whose blog, Everyday Cheapskate, offers simple, fun, and effective money savings tips that you can include in your everyday life. She also has another personal finance blog called Debt-Proof Living where people can get ideas, help, and hope to manage their money more effectively, get out of debt, stay out of debt, and build a more confident financial future. 

Money Beagle

Money Beagle is another great personal finance blog that focuses on the everyday transactions that make up so much of our financial lives. Money Beagle is written by a mid-40s married man in Michigan who focuses on everyday financial decisions and tries to show people how to weigh their options and get the best deals on things like roadside assistance plans, life insurance, appliances, and more. Money Beagle can help you be a better-informed shopper and make smarter personal finance decisions in all areas of your life.

Financial Samurai

Have you ever wanted to start your own business, learn how to make money online, or invest in real estate? If so, Financial Samurai might be a good personal finance site for you. Instead of the nuts and bolts of personal finance – budgeting and saving money – Financial Samurai focuses more on the big picture of helping you figure out how to make more money as an entrepreneur. Many of the most financially successful people are self-employed; Financial Samurai is geared toward helping entrepreneurial people learn how to maximize their earning potential and manage their wealth.

When it comes to managing your personal finances, knowledge is power. The more you can learn about how to reduce your debt, save more money, and get better deals on everyday purchases and transactions, you’ll be better situated to build a strong financial foundation.

What do you think about these personal finance blogs? Are there any favorite bloggers of yours that we forgot to include? Leave a comment and let us know!

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