The Full Policies for Stores that Price Match Amazon

stores that price match amazon

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday closing in on us quickly, everyone is getting ready to do some serious holiday shopping. While the convenience of online shopping is fueling what is expected to be a record-breaking Cyber Monday this year, there are many who still love going to stores in-person.

Whether you need a gift for a loved one, or need some items to get your house holiday-ready, here are the specific policies for the stores that price match, in alphabetical order, as they do vary:

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These Financial Pros Told Us the Surprisingly Simple Finance Tools They Use Personally

finance tools finance professionals use

Managing your money doesn’t have to be a complicated mystery. There are many great personal finance tools and apps available now that can help you track your spending, budget more effectively, save money, and otherwise get the most out of your money. We talked with some personal finance experts to get their recommendations for the best personal finance tools and apps. Here are some of their top picks:

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6 Essential Personal Finance Experts You Should Be Following Already

6 Personal Finance Bloggers You Should Be Following

One of the best ways to improve your personal finances is to educate yourself by reading some personal finance bloggers. Financial education and financial literacy, for many people, are best accomplished with a spirit of “do it yourself;” there are lots of aspects of basic financial literacy and financial planning strategies that no one ever learns in school. Fortunately, there are many excellent personal finance bloggers who are sharing their expertise and insights online, 24/7.

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New Report Finds That Customers Don’t Stick to Meal Subscription Plans


The first time I got a Blue Apron meal subscription mailing offering the equivalent of three free meals to start their service, I was shocked. They wanted to mail me three fresh, restaurant-quality meals for nothing and then let me cancel with no repercussions? I looked through the fine print and the meal subscription cancellation process but couldn’t find any tricks or loopholes. How could this business strategy possibly work out for them?

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5 Ways to Beat Personal Financial Procrastination

personal finances and procrastination

What do Netflix’s amazing new show Westworld, drinks with friends, and rock climbing in Yosemite all have in common? They’re all activities I enjoy while procrastinating on the steps necessary to get on top of my financial goals! Financial procrastination isn’t uncommon and, like other common goals many have – such as get in shape or be more organized – it’s about understanding the approach that works best with your habits and lifestyle.

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The easiest way to manage your paid subscriptions