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The World is Catching on to Truebill!

Truebill in Entrepreneur Magazine
Truebill in Entrepreneur Magazine

Wow! Over the last 2 weeks it seems like the world has been paying attention to subscriptions and a ton has been written about Truebill.

Truebill launches to help find and cancel your forgotten subscriptions
Truebill raises seed funding to help you cancel unwanted subscriptions

There’s Now a Startup to Help You Cancel All Those Subscriptions


find subscriptions
This founder says he caught Gogo charging him $40 for months — now he’s launched a startup so you’ll never get ripped off by sneaky subscriptions again

track subscriptions
This Startup Helps You Cancel All Those Sneaky Subscriptions You Never Wanted

There’s Now a Startup to Help You Cancel All Those Subscriptions

The 12 best apps for managing your finances

manage subcriptions
Start-up TrueBill helps identify and cancel subscriptions you may not know you had

Why The Subscription Economy Is The Best… And The Worst

Also, Mattermark ranked Truebill as the 2nd fastest growing startup in YCombinator – that’s a big deal 🙂

The Top 15 Y Combinator Winter 2016 Demo Day Startups  – Mattermark

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Thanks for using Truebill and sharing with your friends and families. We’re working hard to continue rolling out more features to make Truebill even more useful, and watch out for some big announcements from us over the next few weeks.


13 Subscription Gifts That Can Simplify Your Holiday Shopping

We’ve all had those moments of drawing a complete blank about what to give someone as a gift for the holidays. You know that person that doesn’t need anything or returns every present, or just someone you don’t know all that well on a personal level but feel obligated to give a gift to anyway (probably your boss).  Instead of stressing about crafting the perfect gift, just hand that task off to a third party: a subscription based company.

Don’t worry, it’s not as impersonal as it sounds. Instead, you could get a personalized gift that keeps on giving after December. Subscription gifts bring the joy of receiving something in the mail coupled with new items to taste, use or play with. Plus, it’s not too hard to figure out at least one area of interest for those hard-to-buy-for people. And luckily for you, there’s a subscription for just about everything! put together a list of 13 perfect subscription gift options for people on your holiday list.

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